5 Recipes That I Must Make

Liz LuscombComment

My oven is out of service this week.  Eek! (Insert the Dun, dun, dun music)



Cause it's broken.  AND because it is broken, it made me have to look for recipes that could be cooked on the stove top only.  While I was browsing for the goodies, I came across these inspiring dishes.  

I have forgotten about the Tamale Pie dish from childhood, but I would like to make this twist on it.

I'm making these tonight for the first time! 
I want to know how the heck this is made. 

This would be really handy in my small kitchen.

I'm totally in love with this bread right now, and I'm totally going to make it.

This is the best thing I've seen all day...nom, nom.

Now get in that kitchen and cook!