Panic Mode

Liz LuscombComment
I had a moment of panic yesterday after I was asked, "When are you due?" by an overly cheerful cashier at Wal-Mart.  

"Four weeks." I reply.

The words four weeks kept repeating itself in my head.  Is it really just four more weeks before I'm holding another baby?  Holy smokes!! 

This is the moment that my brain went into panic mode.  Why, you ask?  Well, here is a start...

See this?
 And this?
 And this?

Yeah...I've totally slacked on my nesting phase this pregnancy.  This is what Rori's wall looks like right now and let me tell ya, it's not pretty.  My attempts at organizing it quickly became a dumping ground for when I became too exhausted during the middle of trying to organize.  Sheesh.  Catch that?

I'm not sure why, but time has whizzed by on me throughout this pregnancy.  With my first two kiddos, I had every piece of clothing, blankets, bottles etc, cleaned and in its spot.  I had the decorations finished months ahead of time and a closet stocked full of diapers and formula.  

So far with Rori, I have most of her clothes organized and that's it.  Shoot, she doesn't even have a dresser yet!!!

So what did I do?  I freaked out on my husband at 11:30 at night while he was trying to sleep;  that's what happened.  I grabbed my note book from my nightstand and made a long list of things to finish up this week in preparation of this baby's arrival and went over it in detail with my husband.  Of course, he kept his eyes closed the whole time and merely nodded and gave me a, mmm hmm every now and then. I take what I can get.

Surprisingly, when I awakened in the morning, Bubba had retained what I went over and got to work on things.  We WORKED all day long, and we are tired...but in a good way.  We accomplished A LOT, but we still have a ways to go.  ;)

I promise to show you pictures of the end result. 

But for now, I'm hitting the sack.  I am one tired mama.