Final Pregnancy Update

Liz LuscombComment
I've been scrambling to get this final post up for awhile and a late evening phone call has forced me to get this done tonight.

My midwife called to let me know that as of Monday, she will no longer be my care taker for my pregnancy and that she is transferring me to Dr. Noble who has agreed to induce me on Tuesday morning.  From our brief phone conversation, these are the details: Monday, I will have the appointment with the doctor at 9 am to discuss the cervidel that will be inserted for 12 hours later that night, to help my body ready itself for the large amounts of Pitocin they plan on giving me on Tuesday morning.  Hopefully...may God himself help me...this inducement will be fast.  I'm really dreading these 24-48 hour labors that I'm notoriously known for.  I will also be seeing the midwife one last time, Saturday at 4pm for some final readings to give the doctor in preparation for my Monday appointment.  I will answer some of the questions I've been getting from people at the bottom of this post.

**I saw the midwife today, Saturday, and my Blood Pressure was elevated pretty high while laying on my side.  It was 156, but I have been stressed & I warned her ahead of time.  She performed a stress test on the baby and passed it with flying colors!  She explained to me that Dr. Noble and her are on the same page about inducing me while I am 37 weeks, but she cannot say 100% that I will begin on Monday evening, but she whole heartily believes that I will be.  After the baby is born, my postpartum care will be back at the midwives office.And my urine only had a trace of protein (which is much better than it was).  My swelling has pretty much left the ankles, but has traveled upward to my face and hands.**

Here is a picture of me and my belleh at 36 weeks:
My midwife told me that I was measuring larger than what I am supposed to be.  At 34 weeks, I was already measuring the size of a 36 week pregnant lady.  My point?  My point is that I'm huge! Can't you tell by that belleh?  (This pic was taken before my face decided to begin swelling up like a balloon.)

Here I am at 37 weeks preggo:
See how swollen those fingers are?  That's what preeclampsia does to you.

How far along are you?  I'm 37 weeks. (9months and 1 week)

When is your due date?  My estimated due date is April 14 full term, however, it is looking like I will be induced on Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

Where are you having the baby?  I will be having the baby at The Women Center at Presbyterian Hospital of Denton.

Will you be able to have an epidural?  Now that I am having her at the hospital, I will be able to have an epidural.

Why are you being induced?  I'm being induced because I have been diagnosed with preeclampsia.

Is the baby okay?  So far the baby is doing great! ;) We did a stress test today (Saturday) and she did spectacular.

Are you ready for this?  Absolutely not! I'm terrified and on the verge of an anxiety attack.  My labors are brutal on me and it takes me time to mentally get over it.  ;)

What are you having, again?  I'm having a girl.

What are you going to name her?  Rori Lucille Luscomb.  We will probably call her Lucy, though. ;D

Are you ready to have your body back to yourself?  Omg, yes!!! I can't wait to touch my toes again, lose weight, and be able to sleep on my stomach or back if I want.  Soooo ready to feel normal again. ;D

Are you breastfeeding?  No, I am not.  I formula feed all my children.

How much weight have you gained? 25 pounds

When is your next doctor appointment?  Monday March 26, at 9 am.

When will you know for sure when you will be induced?  Monday morning during my appointment.

Are you dilated yet?  Nope. I am no where near it.  ;(

Are you sleeping?  I still have insomnia right now.

Who will be watching your other kids?  Grandparents. 

Okay, if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to ask below!!