Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Liz LuscombComment
Okay...I'll be honest.  Cleaning my makeup brushes doesn't rank the top of my must-do-list.  I don't think it even makes the top ten, but it does stay in the back of my mind, especially whenever I go to use my brushes when applying my makeup.  So before you slam shut your laptop on me in pure disgust, hear me out.  I'm making a resolution to clean them way more frequently, simply because...it's kinda gross not to.  

Amiright or amiright?

Now if you other ladies want to clean yours but don't know how, I'm about to tell ya.  But first, please remember that I'm not a professional makeup cleaner or makeup artist or professional of any kind.  Please realize that this is just the way that I clean them.  ;D  

Down to business.

First, you will want to gather your brushes.

Second, reach for some antibacterial soap of some kind.  Dawn is a good choice.  Since my friend, Jill, utterly just freaked out on me on facebook about this Dawn comment, I should tell you what she said to use in place of Dawn.  She said to use a baby shampoo.  I did some research on it and the choice of cleanser is really up to you.  ELF makes a shampoo especially for brushes, some prefer an antibacterial wipe (although Jill says that the antibacterial can make your bristles rough) or you can use any type of mild soap, or you can mix olive oil in with an antibacterial soap in order to help prevent the roughness.  ALL of these suggestions come from personal opinions.   Choose the one you prefer!!

Thirdly, gently massage the tips of your brushes into the soap and then rinse with clean water.

TIP:  Try not to let any water get down into the base of your brushes.  It can cause the glue to become loose and then you'll lose your bristles...Especially if you have the cheapy brushes like I do, he he he. (Let them dry upside down)  Also, I read that you can mix a little olive oil in with your soap.   One more thing, try to clean them at least once per month.

Viola! It took me 5 minutes to do all the steps.  Easy peasy.