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Wonder where I've been?  Well, it's been one of those weeks, AND I'm about to spill everything from this past week to you.  So sit back and grab a cup of coffee while I unload some rather boring life events.

I'll make this as painless as possible.

Monday:  This was President's Day and on this lovely day, I had the pleasure of babysitting my neighbor's kid ALL day! My moody hormones can't take it sometimes, lol.  But seriously...they were good. ;)  

This was the day that Nate thought it would be a SUPERB idea to jump out of his tree house.  He sprained his right foot pretty good.  However, as the afternoon gave way to evening, N. swore up and down that his foot was broken/in serious pain.  So I took him to the ER for precaution and after two hours they said it was a sprain.  

I also had three lovely unexpected visitors this day.  It is nice to have visitors!  Let's me communicate with people that is above the age of 10! Ha ha ha! But lemme tell ya, I was pooped by the time the last one left which was about 5 pm.  ; D

Tuesday:  We headed over to SAM'S Club to pick up our new glasses.   Turns out that we will never order glasses through SAMS again.  It's a long story but just for us to pick them up took two hours! Sheesh!  By the time we came back Bubba had to hustle off to work which left me to do an undesirable amount of chores.  blech.  

Wednesday:  Pretty easy going day for the most part.  This is also the day where Nate is bucked off of a horse for the first time.  He came home to tell me about it.  Said his neck was sore but he felt fine.  (This is just not this kids week.)  I told him he would be really sore the next morning but he should be A-OK.  Scout however has began waking up a bunch of times during the night which kept Bubba and I up all night long. 

Thursday:  This was one of those nightmare mornings that leave you asking yourself if your day will continue on this trend of unfortunate circumstances.  
  • I had to fast for yet another unpleasant blood sugar test at the doctor's office which is about 45 minute drive away.  
  • On the way to the doc's office, I was run off the road by an 18 wheeler which caused  the car behind me to lose control and it spiraled around on the hwy and went through the field.  YIKES! 
    (They were okay)
  • A few minutes later, I arrived to the doctor's office only to find that NO ONE was there!!  I waited 15 mins before I left feeling mighty pissed. 
  • Since I was already in town I ran to the local mega mart to pick up some items for our cookout since we were having our friend from Chicago staying with us until Friday.  After the nice cashier rang up all my items I opened my wallet, only to realize that my debit card was missing.  *Sigh*  : /  I only had $18 cash, so I had her start voiding things off  until we finally got the total down $18.84, and luckily, I had .85 cents.  
  • Oh! I forgot to mention that the school nurse called as well to let us know that we needed to pick N up from school because he is crying uncontrollably because his neck hurt. *Sigh*  Bubba was left to pick him up only to be ambushed by one of his teachers while he was there for a mandatory conference concerning why we were suddenly not giving him his ADD medication anymore.  Can you believe that?  I was very annoyed and so was the hubs.  That whole thing is a story in itself.  
  • Needless to say, we made a doctor's appointment for N at 2 that afternoon and since Ricky would be there at the house around that same time, I volunteered to take N.  The doctor sent us to the packed ER next door to her office for x rays where it took another two hours.  Maybe things would go faster in hospitals etc if there wasn't so much red tape and paper work to go through??  
  • Any hoo, I also had to stop by the local kid store to purchase some shorts for Scout since Texas was experiencing some early summer weather.  (85 degrees)  Can't complain about that though, it felt GREAT and it was a super gorgeous day, especially for cooking out!!  
Turns out that N neck was just a muscle sprain and would be fine in a couple of days.  

Even though I had wanted to jump in bed and pull the covers over my head after that morning, I have to say, it all turned out to be a great evening.  It was great having Ricky down for a visit with us.  It made me yearn for a poppy seed hot dog, a trip to the Navy Pier, and to swaddle myself in cozy sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves.  Miss you Chicago...I really do. <3

Friday:  Scout woke up with the worst and most gross snotty nose ever!  Ewwww! LOL.  Poor kid. It probably has something to do with this Texas weather going from hot-cold-hot-cold.  Anyways, once Ricky left to catch his plane back home, Bubba and I hustled to do our grocery shopping/chores...which we did not finish.  Oh well, the rest of this day was spent doing the domesticated responsibilities etc.  

Saturday: Scout is officially sick with a cold probably from allergies.  We also swung by my friend Hillary's house who hooked us up with some cute girl clothes for when Rori is older!  We also visited with my friend Crystal at her house.  Then we took Scout to the local park while we were in the cit-tay.  Went to lunch at our favorite Mexican place, EL Matador.  Then we headed to Sams for some bulk buying.  

Thanks Miss Hillary!!  Too Cute!

Sunday:  I'm officially sick.  Whatever Scout got, I got.  This day was spent cleaning, mowing, and doing all the things we don't want to do! LOL.

That's it in a nutshell! Sorry for the extra long read!