Over The River & Through The Woods...

Liz LuscombComment
Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's Pappy's house we go...

No, seriously.  

Top left:  Over The River
Middle:  Through the woods  (now that is a real dirt road, folks)
Bottom:  To Pappy's house (It's that structure you see peeking through the trees in left corner)
Right:  That's Pappy himself, a.k.a Earl, a.k.a Bubba's Dad. 

Yep, last weekend we finally made it to Earl's for Christmas.  Yeah, you read that right.  Christmas.  We've been swamped...don't judge.

Any hoo, we had a nice visit.  We stopped by to see Bubba's Nanny, Aunt, & cousin from New Boston while we were there.

Not much happened during our visit.  I don't think much could, considering we were so far in the sticks.  The only thing we managed to do was get lost on all the dang back roads and hit the local store for some much needed allergy medicine.  

Earl did make us two delicious meals: barbequed pork chops with sides, and a hearty breakfast full of bacon, gravy, eggs & biscuits for the road. (a southern meal at its best)  It hit the spot for this pregnant belly.  Yum!

Here is a photo dump for you guy's from our weekend at Pappy's.

Me & My Boys

Bubba being annoyed by his overly chipper wife during Dallas traffic.  Kiddo's chillin' in the back seat.

Nate playing outside with the toy he received from Earl. 

The dreaded Dallas traffic.  I was totally going to take a picture of the whacked out car but Bubba wouldn't let me.  He said he didn't want to be SHOT today.  LOL.  Dallas is so ghetto.

Father & Son trying to put together a new grill.

Scout sitting on Earl's Harley and standing by the horse gates.