Meal Planning

Liz LuscombComment
Here lately I've been pretty lazy with my cooking.  The further along I become in this pregnancy, the tougher it is finding the energy and motivation I need to cook.  

Normally I cook from scratch and make heavy meals.  Lately, not so much.  BUT I've been asked by a couple of random people who are interested in my weekly meal planning and some meal ideas that are simple enough to make for their families.  

Today, I'm finally going to write out what I am buying this week for our meals along with my grocery list.  You will be able to print this out too if you want.  ***Note: If you're eating healthy, then this post is not for you, lol****

Here is the meal rundown:  Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch for each day. I posted pictures of the dinners with links to a recipe.  Most of my recipes are different from these, but I didn't want to give you guys a list and not provide some sort of recipe for them. ;)

 Monday             Chicken Enchilada Bowl
Click here for the recipe
                           Sandwiches & Chips

Tuesday           Ham & Cheese on Rolls w/corn & salad
Click here for a recipe
                                           Baked Potato

Wednesday   Pork Chops w/ Roasted veggies
                      Tuna Salad's
Thursday          Pizza & Breadsticks
                                            Grilled Cheese w/ Soup

Friday               Fish w/ baked hushpuppies
Sorry...No Photo!


Saturday          Stew w/toasted bread 

Sunday     Pancakes w/ Sausage
                 Baked Potato

Grocery List:

Whole wheat bread                                    chocolate chips
Rolls                                                             Light sour cream
Ham Steak                                                  Cheese/PB crackers
Sweet Potatoes                                          Choc cream sandwich cakes
2.13lbs Pork Chops                                   Pudding cups
Beef Broth                                                   Swiss Rolls
Buttermilk                                                    Black olives
Romaine Lettuce                                        Chicken taco seasoning

Corn dogs                                                   Green beans

Bologna                                                       Stew meat

Chunk pineapple                                        Bacon bits

Strawberries                                               3lbs Apples

5 lbs potatoes                                             4lbs oranges

Bacon                                                          2 unsalted butter

3 cans of tuna                                             2% gallon milk

Olive oil                                                       Walnuts

Corn                                                             Bomb Pops
Total  $76.55 + sales tax

These were just the grocery items I purchased and there are extra things on here for snacks and Bubba's V-Day gift from me...heart shaped bacon.  I'll show you on another post. ;)  ***Also, I have my pantry stocked with typical essentials that recipes call for so they are not included in this list since I already have them. ***