3rd Pregnancy, Update

Liz LuscombComment
For those of you who don't already know from FB, my glucose test came back a wee bit higher than it should be.  I thought over the phone she said it should be no higher than 99 but I misheard her because when I went in she said the highest it should be is 139.  That made me feel much better because my results were only 11 points higher than that.  The midwife said if I took the 3 hour test, then she was POSITIVE that it would come back normal.  Which is awesome news.  I still decided to stick with the diet plan though, simply because I don't want to gain anymore weight.  I've already gained enough for a healthy baby, the diet is just there to help me maintain the weight now.  If you're curious, I've gained 22 pounds.  

Here is what Jean told me to do as far as the diet is concerned.  Eat at least 75 grams of protein per/day and no more than one carb with every meal.  I'm not allowed to have any juices and she wants my meats to be the leaner ones: grilled chicken and fish.  The carb lover in me groaned when she told me this, but hey, if it helps with the weight, then I will do it.  Less work I will have to do once she is born, right?

The midwife went ahead and did my prenatal visit while I was there.  She administered my RhoGAM shot, which I HATE! Those things hurt and I always bleed like crazy with them.  (Click on RhoGam above if you don't know what it is for.)


My blood pressure was pretty darn good if you ask me.  122/80.  Ideally, blood pressure should be no higher than 120/80.  Still good by my book. 

My weight gain was good.  Only 2 pounds in a month.

The baby's heart rate was good and strong.  (I love hearing the heartbeat.  Makes me giddy inside)

All in all, good checkup.  I go back next week to do a fasting blood test, then I eat, wait two hours and do another blood test to see if this diet is doing its job.  I will also begin my weekly visits next week.  I have to start them when I'm eight months instead of nine. Poo!

Oh! I did have protein in my urine, so I will have to do another urine analysis.  Again, it was barely high so it is just an extra check.  The diet should help with this, too. ;) 

Any hoo, its been a long day for this mama and I'm ready to RELAX!!  I wish it wasn't too late to nap.