Week 28! 3rd Pregnancy Update

Liz LuscombComment

It's here! My 7th month, which means I'm officially in my third trimester.  Whoa, right?  This month is also the time when I have to do my glucose testing. Meh.  I'm not a fan of having to do this test! Oh well, it's for the good in the end.  Everything is still going well, although I did skip January's prenatal visit.  My excuse is that I've had to deal with two sick kids, and a sick self this month which meant a whole lotta doctor visits...and to be frank, I loathe going to the doctor.  So dragging myself to a doctor's office 45 minutes away just wasn't going to happen.  :)

Okay, pathetic excuse, but I'm sticking with it.

Other than that, time is still going at lightening speed.  It has officially become an Olympic sport to get dressed, walk, eat, or talk.  I am also Full On Waddle now!  Yeah...I walk like a duck.  Haha

Oh! And having energy...what's energy?  I forget what it feels like.  

I am happy to say that Scout is officially sleeping through the night which has given me more rest.  yay!  Only took 7 months. *sarcasm*

 Here are the answers to the most common questions I receive about my pregnancy.  I will re-post them at the end of every update, just in case it's your first time checking in or if you forgot and want to know. :o)


When are you due?
Friday, April 20, 2012

 What are you having, boy/girl?
We are having a GIRL! Yay!

Where are you having the baby?
I'm using a midwife at a birthing center in Denton, TX.  I haven't decided yet if I want to give birth there at the center or in the hospital.  I'm leaning with hospital; considering my experiences with my other labor/deliveries.

Are you exhausted?
Extremely!  I'm so busy and tired that I just want to scream sometimes, lol! : )

Any names, yet?
Yes! We haven't fully decided, but I think we are sticking with Rori Lucille.