Target Coupon Steals & Deals

Liz LuscombComment
I've pretty much retired my coupon shopping, mainly because my local grocery store stopped doubling and tripling coupons; however, that doesn't mean that there is not SOME deals out there, and you could definitely pick up these extras while you're out and about.  I like Target because you can use store & manufacturer coupons on one item.  Target usually offers deals that you can double up on coupons with AND the store will give you a store gift card on top of it to use on your next visit.  

Today I was bored and decided I would take a handful of coupons to the Target store to see what I could find.  I haven't bought a newspaper in months, so the coupons I had were all printable.  I could have scored more if I had gone to a Super Target, but I stuck with with regular ole Tar-Jay in order to beat the crowds.

Here is what I bought:

My total cost for this was $9.83 before taxes.  After taxes it was $10.49

3 Hunt's canned tomatoes/ Sale price .99 cents ec.
-$1/3 Target printable coupon + -$1/3 printable MQ coupon 
I paid .32 cents each for these

Skinny Cow Snacks/ Retail price $3.99 ec
-$3/2 Target Printable Coupon + Buy One Get one free MQ coupon 
I paid .49 cents for each box

Lays Stax potato Chips/ Sale price $1
I paid $1

The Kitchen Essentials Tools/ Sale price $2.79 ec.
Buy Two Get One Free Target coupon
I paid $5.58 for three

Carter's Baby Thermal PJ's/ Sale Price $2.38  ****This was a steal.  This retailed at $7.99!****
-20% Target Coupon off of Just One Carter's
I paid $1.91

Because I brought my own reusable bags, I saved another .10 cents

AND Because I used my Target Red Card (which is still my debit card) I saved an additional .52 cents!

MY TOTAL SAVINGS WAS: $13.09  which I believe is close to 60% savings.  Not too bad.
If you go to a Super Tar-Jay, then you can score dryer sheets for .61 cents too.