Please Tell Me Your Kids Do This Too!

Liz LuscombComment
My son decided he was going to be a wise guy when I asked him to bring my camera inside. (I had left it on the stroller)

Instead of just handing it to me at the door, he tries to play keep away & ends up dropping it between the grate & screen of the door!

Yep... I acted like most moms would and told him he "better figure a way to get it out or it's your hiney!"

Though inside, I was totally laughing!

He got to work fast...

First, he tried using twigs.

But, he got those stuck in there as well.

Next, he tried using his sword.

But that wasn't cutting it either, so he decided a shorter metal pole would do the trick!

I couldn't help myself, I was just laughing aloud by this point.

Now he has a camera, twigs, and a metal pole stuck in my screen door and he can't figure out how to get any of them out.

Got all that?  Good.  Moving on.

Determined at this point, he leaves to go find something else and comes back with a dog leash!  After sticking it through the grate, he quickly realized that didn't work either!  So he tried using his sword again, but ended up getting that stuck, too! hahahahahahahaha! 

Poor kid, at least he tried.  

1. Camera 2. Twigs 3. Metal pole 4. Dog leash 5. Sword

By this point, we were hungry, so we gave up for a while.  LOL!
No worries though.  He eventually got everything out by using two larger sticks.  Go Figure!!