I Blame My Uncle Kevin

Liz LuscombComment
I blame my Uncle Kevin for the events of yesterday, hence the title. 

But how could someone blame sweet, Kevin?!? You ask. 

It's because he jinxed me the night before by asking if I had any mishaps/stories happen recently!  He is mainly referring to the skunk and mouse debacle.  I replied, that there has been things but nothing major.  (I should tell you guy's about xmas! Geez Louise)

But wouldn't you know it...I'm eating those very words.  This isn't a gut buster story, but who else does this crap happen, to? 

So let's begin.

It's dark outside and around 6am.  The alarm is about to go off in 15 mins. 

But low and behold, I wouldn't need that alarm clock.  Green Acres had a different idea.

There I am sleeping soundly, happened to be the first night my 7 month old actually slept through the night.  Anyway, I 'm sleeping soundly when I am startled out of my slumber by something going "HEEEEEE HAAAAWWW!  HEEE HAAW, HEE HAA!" extremely loud!  I could have swore it was outside of our bedroom window.

What in the 'tarnation!?! 

I'm serious folks.  It scared the pee out of me.  I sat up and tried looking out the window, but of course it's dark. So, I settle back into bed, and before I could even shut my eyes, I hear it again.  

Okay that's it. 

"Bubba! There's a donkey on our porch!" 

"No there's not.  They're just by the gate and it sounds like it." 

Uhhh...no.  I don't think, so.  It is on the porch.
Yes...our family has donkey's.  And in case you weren't aware of it, nearly my whole family lives down the street.

I call the donkey's: Pest #1 and Pest#2.  I'm not a fan of these wise guy's and I think they are out to get me.

Wouldn't you know it, we get a phone call a few hours later from my Uncle Brian letting us know that there was Donkey running loose in our yard.  Geesh!!

Now I've heard of waking up to a rooster crowing, but waking up to a donkey's hee haw is a first for me.  
There's just some things you gotta laugh it off! 
BUT...In the end, I got to say "I told ya, so." to the hubs. ;)