Weekly Snippets

Liz LuscombComment
Ummm....I don't have a whole lot to say over the the last couple of days since I've pretty much laid around trying to recoup from being sick.  Because of this, I will write a run down of what has been happening the last couple of days. ; )

  • I pushed Scout around in the laundry basket & I called it exercise... it really did have me out of breath,  HA!  BUT I am nearly six months pregnant and it is getting harder to breathe, period. My eldest took over the reigns for me.
  •  Bubba busted his behind GOOD, yesterday while digging around in the garage! (Bwahahahahaha...I wish I had it on camera)  And yes...I am totally, that person who will laugh at you if you fall down.  It must be a disorder or something.  Fall-a-ha-ha-nitis...that's a self diagnosis...and self made up word.  
  •  I've been enjoying my sleeping & waking up to the beautiful sound of thunder.  **I heart that stuff **
  • I made a kick butt batch of sugar cookies.Yummmmmmmmy.  I wish I had some cookie decorating tools so I could make them pretty and shiny.  But they don't carry that sort of stuff (meringue powder) at our local Piggly Wiggly.  (we don't really have a Piggly Wiggly here, it's called Market Place.  I just call any grocery store in the boonies a Piggy Wiggly)
  •  I took the little one to the doctor.  He developed an ear infection in his left ear and of course, has a cold.  The doc put us ALL (yes, including me. God Bless Her!) on medicine.  Two prescriptions and one over the counter.  Sigh...we are still stuffy, but feeling much better.
  • Finished the Christmas cards, now I just need to run to the post office and purchase the stamps for them.
  •  Went outside and picked some mistletoe before it began raining again. ;o)
  • Last but not least, Scout cut his first tooth and has learned to open and shut a drawer.  He also learned what smashing your finger means. :o)