Week in Iphone Pics

Liz LuscombComment
Here are a few Iphone pictures that show a little bit of my world this week.
This is the hat I finished knitting for Scout to wear during our two weeks of winter here in Texas. ;op
Happy Baby...
Getting Ready to run errands with mom.
After being at war for over a month with this skunk, our noses can finally breathe easy. After some last dramatic sprays from this guy (and yes, Bubba got sprayed)Bubba finally shot the thing. (This is probably the first time in my life I EVER wanted an animal to perish.  I'm normally the one saying, "Don't hurt it...")So now I can sing my Lil diddly...Ding Dong, The skunk is dead, the skunk is dead...ding dong, the wicked skunk is dead!  
My Mr. Handsome right before he left for an interview.  (It went well...if you're wondering ;)

The weather here in Texas has been so backwards that my trees are beginning to bloom in the middle of winter!
Last, but not least, I finished the xmas countdown thingy. Every day, Nate gets to glue on a cotton ball to make Santa's beard. By the time December 25 comes around, Santa should have a full beard. ;) (Hopefully)