My Week In IPhone Pics

Liz LuscombComment
Sometimes it takes awhile to get that decent picture with your kids.  This series of photos was no exception.

But One Came Out Alright...

This lovely contraption was bought at the CCA thrift store.  I dropped off some donations then decided to take a look around.  Once Bubba spotted this ice cream maker on the shelf, he was as excited as a kid who just found the perfect baseball card in his $1 convenience store trading card package.  

Now let me tell ya, this thing looked ancient.  I was not impressed and didn't want to waste my money, but he insisted it was "sign" from the ice cream man himself because he has been in a desperate search for peach ice cream with no luck.  He went on to explain how now he could just make his own peach ice cream whenever he wanted for only $6.49.  He bugged me the whole time at the store, "Can we leave now?  Come on let's go...".  First thing he did when we got home?  Made ice cream...or at least tried. lol.

Bath Time!

This picture doesn't do this sandwich justice.

This beauty is blamed on my food cravings.  That's all I can say about it.  If my midwife caught me eating this, she would have slapped it out of my hand and scolded me.  But it can be our secret.  This sandwich was  buttered bread with a country fried steak, smothered in mashed potatoes and gravy.  
Excuse me while I wipe my drool.

 The Mav's Game