19 1/2 Weeks! 3rd Pregnancy Update

Liz LuscombComment
It's hard to believe, but I'm only two short days away from 20 weeks (the half way mark).  Time is certainly flying by with this pregnancy.  With my first son, I impatiently counted the days. With my second son, I was impatiently counting the weeks and reading every thing baby related that I could get my hands on.  (My first two sons are ten years apart, so my second pregnancy was like starting all over again.)  But with the hustle and bustle of taking care of two kids, I find myself losing track.  It has been difficult to slow down and take it all in, too.  On one hand, it is my last pregnancy so I want to slow down and enjoy it, BUT on the other hand, I want it to fly by so I can be done with it already, lol.  I'm so wish-washy. : ) 

My baby bump is bigger this time, too! They say it is normal though when you have kiddos back to back!

 Now I want to answer some of the more common questions that I receive.  (This other blogger did this and I think it's a good idea.)

When are you due?
Friday, April 20, 2012

 What are you having, boy/girl?
We are having a GIRL! Yay!

Where are you having the baby?
I'm using a midwife at a birthing center in Denton, TX.  I haven't decided yet if I want to give birth there at the center or in the hospital.  I'm leaning with hospital; considering my experiences with my other labor/deliveries.

Are you exhausted?
Extremely!  I'm so busy and tired that I just want to scream sometimes, lol! : )

Any names, yet?
Yes! We haven't fully decided, but it is either Rory Lucille or Lucy Elise.