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"homeschool"Elizabeth LuscombComment

I have searched long and hard for an affordable history curriculum for a middle schooler that wasn't focused around the bible.  Even though we are religious, I don't necessarily believe that it has to be built into the history lessons.  After all, that is what Nathan's bible lessons are for.  Basically, it's a personal choice. 

You know what?  I'll just skip to the happy ending because I highly doubt anyone wants to hear my sob--search-for-free-history-curriculum story. 

This history curriculum is by a site called, World History for Us All.  It is a collaboration by school teachers, college professors, and educational specialists from San Diego that put this little gem of a program together. 

Some of the things it includes are: power point, worksheets, lesson plans, readings, and plenty of graphics and stuff for the teacher.  I could not believe I stumbled upon this on the very same day I was about to click the submit button on a $300 program.  I think God was telling me to just wait a minute longer because just a mere one hour later I found this history program.

The only con is this:  The site is a bit hairy to sort through, but once you figure it out it is totally worth it.  You can't beat a FREE curriculum that is this well put together.  AND there is NO registration. 

This is something I can't keep to myself (obviously) and wanted to put their link out there for some other mother/father to stumble upon. 

Here is the link:  World History for Us All