Cape Fear

"travel"Elizabeth LuscombComment

For some people in this world, the daily grind of life, a monotonous routine, endless responsibility, and life problems will often become a few reasons they pack their bags, hop in their car and say au revoir!  

Bubba and I fall somewhere between one of those.  Normally, I am the spontaneous one in our marriage, but this time Bubba is the one that broached the subject for a day trip.  I'm thankful he did, too.  I have been ready for a break from the lack luster summer days and Bubba has felt bored being home from school. 

So, that's what we did.  That next morning we left with our packed bags in hand and drove to Wilmington, NC.  It is a three hour drive from our house, making it a pretty straight shot.

We tried to jam in as much as we could for the day.  We hit the beach first, ate dinner, and then went to the river boardwalk in Cape Fear.

The boardwalk is the type of place that you catch yourself lingering for hours.  The views, stores, and restaurants make the perfect backdrop to simply take your time.  It's part of the magic of the South.  There is no rush.

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