7 Quick Takes

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1 ||  This is my first seven quick takes and I'm in it to win it!!  That's right, Jen's book has officially been released, and I've been dying to read it ever since I heard about it a year ago.  I know you're probably thinking, but Liz, you're not Catholic, and that's okay because I'm telling ya, this book will be a NY Times bestseller.  You watch.  I have good instincts about this sort of thing. 

Her book is all about how she [Jennifer Fulwiler] went from being atheist to Catholic.  If you want more information about it then you can visit her website for all the deets.   You can also buy it here!  I'm really, and truly excited for her.  I hope this book opens many opportunities for her and her family.

2 ||  ::::Warning::::  I'm going there.  I'm about to complain about the weather.  All northerners who just endured the longest winter of their lifetime this year, you may want to strangle me if you read this, BUT...  It's so h-o-t guys.  Hot, hot, hot, as in you better make sure the windows in your car are cracked open otherwise you'll risk a heat stroke kind of hot.  You would think after a total of 27 years in Texas that the heat would be no big deal to me, but it's not.  I have officially been counting down the months until Fall and Winter arrive.  I've been pleading with God daily: please let it be a short summer this year.

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3 ||  Sickness has finally left the house.  After two trips to the doctor, Bubba was told he had strep throat, a virus, and an ear infection.  It was pretty nasty.  I went into serializing mode for the entire week.  New toothbrushes! No kisses! Disinfectant spray bonanza! Wash hands! Scrub, scrub, scrub! Quarantine! It was stressful, but after many prayers, God's amazing grace kept the rest of us healthy.  Amazing!

4 ||  I've been trying to think of a few summer activities to do this summer and so far I've only managed to come up with the beach and botanical gardens.  Any other ideas?

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5 ||  Gardening this year has been a real doozy.  An unexpected freeze in mid April had me replanting and then a massive storm blew through washing half of my hard work away.  It's been a lot of work with minimal results.  However, my garden is beginning to show signs of life!  It may even constitute an actual garden post.  : )

6 ||  Yesterday was one of those days I was begging to end.  I'm sure you can use your mom chaotic visions and get a good idea of what my day was like.  Of course, a chaotic day would not be complete without gasoline spilled onto my foot at 9:00 PM at the gas station with a long and fume-y ride home!  At least I had a good workout and we were all healthy and safe.  Those are the important things to remember!  

7 ||  Annnnd lastly, Bubba took his last final exam this Tuesday.  Hallelujah, the semester is over!  I wish I could say it is an easy breezy start to a long summer of R&R, but it's not.  His summer courses begin in a mere two weeks putting us back into stress mode.  But at least we get two weeks.  Better than nothing. 

Now, skip over to Jen's blog where you can find much more witty and insightful posts. 

p.s.  tomorrow morning, come back and enter to win some cash. i'll be co-hosting a giveaway. xo-liz