Our Boston Trip Is Cancelled

Elizabeth LuscombComment
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It’s a real bother when you have to be an adult and make a responsible decision.  Such as having to cancel your beloved vacation to Boston that you excitedly planned for over six months. 


We had to buck-it-up, pull on our big girl/boy undies and discuss what was more important.

We had three options altogether: a) forget paying off the loan & go on the trip, (b) pay off the loan, skip the car repairs and say au revoir, OR (c) pay off loan, get the car repaired, and skip the family vaycay.

Here is the thing.  Like I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been painstakingly working our way out of a very large sum of debt and this year we only had one major bank loan we HAD to pay off.  Had to.  It was such a draining monthly expense that we were better off--paying it off, despite it wiping out half the savings account.    

We only needed the other half to pay for our trip to afford all the bells and whistles of a family vacay. 

But life happened, as usual.

Our cars needed some repairs and we needed to pay the state highway tax. 

We chose option “C”, which cued a week long whiny fit thrown by yours truly.

Not all is lost though.  In retrospect, it's a good thing, e.g.,  we've already chosen a way better place to stay that is actually downtown AND at a better rate if we stay an extra day.  (No arm twisting needed) 

 SO...I know if I've been looking around for ideas for things to do, then surly someone else is too.  Basically what I am trying to convey is that I want to share what we have planned to do while we are there.  I'll give the specifics to the: where, what, & when in another post.