at night

"life"Elizabeth LuscombComment

Tonight, I emerged from my four walls and treated Nathan and I to a movie. The movie theater that is. It is the first movie I have ventured out to see since the first Thor came out---like two years ago.   Anyway, I chose“Noah”, thinking it would be action enough for a 12 y/o boy along with a good dose of biblical history. To bad the biblical history wasn't so accurate. I contemplated leaving during the middle of it, but I figured since I paid 10 bucks to sit there---then I was going to sit there and get my $10 worth. Actually $16.50 since I paid for both of us. It’s not to say that the movie didn’t have its moments, but I was disappointed.  It wasn't my taste both on a Christian level and a regular movie goer level.

It was to late to do anything after the movie (10pm) but I did take the long way home so we could enjoy the night drive.  Simplicity can be nice.  : ) 

What is the last movie you went to see at the theater?