flour || vol.001 brioche

flourElizabeth LuscombComment

I figure it is time to begin documenting for my little pet project.  This isn't the first recipe I have made from my recently announced Flour cookbook journey, but it is a good one to start with.  This loaf of brioche was my first attempt at making such a thing and its success has nothing to do with me, but rather the detailed, two page, list of instructions that Joanne provided.  If it weren't for those little details, I would have thought I messed up at least five times within the whole process and probably would have trashed the darn thing somewhere between those "where did I go wrong" moments.  Alas!  Her instructions saved the brioche and lifted all my unexperienced worries. 

It was a time consuming process (2 days) but well worth it in the end. 

We didn't eat the whole loaf that day, so, I patiently waited a few days for the loaf to dry out, slapping hands that tried to break a piece of bread off its corners. 

I used the stale loaf to make a very rich French toast.  Bubba praised me for days. But, with that being said, he isn’t hard to please.

I give this recipe two-thumbs up.  Try it for yourself.  You won't be disappointed.  :)

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