winter | please stay

"life"Elizabeth LuscombComment
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I'm not eager to let winter go yet.  I wish it would stick around longer.     

I'm aware this statement just caused a rampant amount of foul language under the breaths of my northern friends who are still sitting in ceiling high piles of snow drifts and wearing two pairs of pants just to chip ice off their cars:  but...I can't help it.  The summer months in the south are long (6 months), humid, and sweaty.  Even in the air conditioner I sweat because it is so humid.  It's ridiculous! 

In fact, I was scolded yesterday for having the air conditioner running.  I couldn't help it!  It was 74 degrees in the house and if you know me, anything that surpasses 70 is cause for a fan or air conditioner.

My entire neighborhood emerged from their winter holes this weekend too.  We all had squinting eyes from going awhile without the sun last week.  This is a tell-tell sign that the south has told winter to move over and welcomed spring in its place.  

With that being said I suppose it's time for me to wave farewell to winter.  The longer days and the already ten degrees hotter than average weather says spring has arrived.  

But a girl can always wish. 

Here's to a toasty 76 degrees today!