I made a video! It's about making almond butter.

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Heeeeello!  I can't believe I've let an entire month go by without a peep.  Awe well

My life has been on the move lately.  We've been having lifestyle changes which hasn't left room for any type of creativity.  I wish I could say things are settling into place and we are on our way to a nice routine, but I would be blowing smoke up your rear end.  However, after making Rori her favorite almond butter I thought to myself; I should make a video over it.  My camera had been gathering dust on the shelf for over a month and I hadn't made a video since Rori's first birthday.  Plus, I wanted to create something.  Something that didn't involve Popsicle sticks and crayons. 

Anyway.  I followed through in my thoughts and put together this video.  I really enjoyed the process!  It came out a little longer than I wanted so feel free to fast forward some of it!  (I'll post everything you need to make your own below the video.)

....watch it or don't.  whichever you prefer.

Almond Butter How To

Almond Butter // Fills a 12oz jar

Food Processor
2 cups of almonds
Jar 12oz

In order to make almond butter yourself, you'll need a full size food processor.  Pour the almonds into the food processor and blend until it is creamy.  Depending on your appliance it can take anywhere from 10-20 mins.  
*Optional: Add honey or oil for additional flavoring
*Storing: store in cabinet or refrigerator for one to two weeks. If it develops an odor, discard.  Make your almond butter in small batches to ensure freshness.