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I turned 33 last Sunday.  Let me repeat.  I turned 33.  3-3. What!?  I'm approaching my mid-thirties and I think it's time I simply write thirty-something in my about me page. 

I have a lot to say about my age but I don't feel like spilling my wisdom today. 

Celebrating my birthday was about as low-key as it gets.  The only for sure things I wanted to get out of my birthday was to drive somewhere to witness the changing fall colors and a slice of coconut cake.  And that's what I did. 

Since fall has failed to grace Charlotte, Bubba and I loaded the car with the toddlers and drove to Gastonia, NC.  We hiked upwards on Crowders Mountain for 1.5 miles before it became tricky to march forward with two little kids.  But we all LOVED it.  Especially Bubba and I.  (We've missed our Utah mountains!

Crowders Mt. NC

// To sum it up, everyone treated me like a queen.  Even the little ones.  All day they wished me a happy birthday.  Constant hugs and kisses.  Can't argue with that. ;)

// Scout managed to fall 8 times.  He basically ran the entire way up the mt., then ran down the mt., and crashed as soon as we made it home.  He was also very proud of himself for the rock he found.  To him it was a fossilized footprint.  (that's the pic of him with his foot on the rock)  He felt like an explorer.

// Why do husbands have to make their wives nervous by holding their offspring in crazy ways?  It's such a guy thing to do: toss kids in the air, hang them upside down, push kids high on the swing.  Gives me anxiety!

// Rori found out how slippery moss can be.

// I'm terrified of heights and I nearly shat my pants while standing on a large boulder to get that first picture up above.  My knees were knocking! 

// And I think that is all of my notes for the photos. Oh, and if you're wondering where Nathan is, he stayed home to clean the house as his birthday gift to me.  One last thing: All but one of my pictures were taken by my phone camera.  Bad idea.  It really failed to capture the beauty.